Foster-Miller Acquires Two Pittsburgh Robotics Companies


QinetiQ North America is strengthening its position n the unmanned systems market with two acquisitions of robotics specialist companies, acquired by the company’s Foster-Miller, Inc. Both of the acquired businesses are located at Pittsburgh: Automatika, Inc., and Applied Perception, Inc. Both companies have extensive ongoing programs with the US Army and USMC.

Automatika is a designer, system prototyping, and manufacturing company, responsible for several unmanned systems evaluated by the US Marine Corps, including the ‘Dragon Runner’ and an unattended, remotely controlled ground sensor. Applied Perception developed perception, planning, and control software and development tools to support the navigation of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Boston based Foster-Miller is the largest provider of man- transportable robots to the Department of Defense and recently delivered its 1000th TALON robot to the U.S. military in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.