Military Transport Aircraft


Russian-Inidan development program

On January 2007 an agreement was reached between Russia and India to participate in the development and production of the Multirole Transport Aircraft, (MTA). The twin engine aircraft will have a load capacity of 20 tons and will be designed for the transportation of military and commercial cargo. The aircraft will be designed to operate from most basic runways, including high mountainous areas.

The MTA will be designed to address Russian military requirements and is slated for deployment around 2015. The variant for the Indian Air Force is included in the long term plans of te Indian MoD. Three pre-production aircraft are scheduled to be completed by 2010, the first flight is expected by 2011, commencing with deliveries by 2013.

MTAs will be produced in two production lines, based in Russia and India. Russian and Indian requirements are estimated at 150 aircraft. According to the group’s analysis, by 2025 there could be a market for 350 aircraft.

Several engines are being considered – two versions of Russian made engines of the Perm Engine Company (PS-12 or PS-90A) as well as a number of western engines. The aircraft will be equipped with modern glass cockpit including navigation and auto-pilot systems for automatic route setting (both day and night), air-drop point navigation and ‘blind’ approach for landing at rough terrain runways. The crew will consist of three, two pilots and a navigator.

The program will be managed by a joint venture, equally owned by Indian and Russian companies. The lead designer will be the Russian company Irkut, with participation of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, acting as the design center, with HAL of India and Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport will support development, production and marketing.