XM242 Fuze


ATK and IMI teamed to produce the XM242 fuses replacing the M223 fuses in existing M42/M46 grenades forming current DPICM ammunition. This fuse utilizes dual activation mechanisms, by impact and pyrotechnic delay ensuring self destruct after impact, therefore ensuring reliability of over 99%. If failed, unexploded ordnance is self-neutralized for maximum safety.

IMI has already produced over 80 million self destruct fuses deployed with many NATO armies, but, unfortunately, not with the Israeli forces which relied primarily on ammunition delivered under the U.S. Asistance package. According to Israeli sources The IDF used cluster munitions of different types, mostly of US origin, during the second Lebanon War. Only part of these munitions was equipped with locally produced (IMI) self-destruct fuses. Use of these advanced fuses could have contributed to a “cleaner” battlefield after the end of the hostilities, preventing the hazard to UNIFIL explosive ordnance teams, as well as to civilian lives and properties currently experienced in this area.