X-Hawk ‘Flying Assault Vehicle’


A futuristic concept pursued by Bell and Urban Aeronautics from Israel, is the X-Hawk, a “flying car” concept utilizing two lift fans and two turbine powered pusher propellers providing the vehicle lift, stability, lateral thrust and maneuverability for vertical and horizontal flight.

X-Hawk will be able to hover, utilizing unique vane control system for lateral control and stability, even in 50 kt. wind gust conditions. It will be designed for operation at speed of up to 140 kt. The X-Hawk will be able to carry a complete squad of troops and a pilot. X-Hawk is relatively quiet, compared to a helicopter. X Hawk will have much smaller footprint and offers safety and maneuverability suitable for operation in a the ‘urban canyons’ of the modern city. For example, vehicles will be able to assault a face of a building, enabling troops to assault inside through a window or evacuate the wounded for safety. This capability could revolutionizes the approach to urban warfare within buildings, and can be combined with other operational tactics to provide a truly force-multiplying effect.

X-Hawk Preliminary performance data:
Empty weight 3,700 lbs
Typical mission fuel weight 1,300 lb.
Payload 1,700 lb
Maximum design gross weight 6,700 lbs
Length 26.6 foot
Width 13.8 Foot
Height 11.5 foot
Rotor diameter 8.2 foot
Performance two CTS800 4N
engines – 2,460 shp
Max speed 140 kt
Max altitude >12000 ft
Endurance at typical mission fuel >2 hours Plus reserve
Range at typical mission fue: 330 nm
Operational radius 140 nm
Capacity 11 combatants Plus pilot on crashworthy seats.