BroadShield IED Jammer


Several types of the Broadshield counter-IED jammers are available from the UK based TRL company, a member of the L3 Communications group. Broadshield is offered in vehicular version and in a two-set man-portable system, addressing different waveforms and frequency ranges.

In the man pack role the battery powered system transmits 10 watts of power, with continuous frequency coverag, and selected banded coverage, addressing wireless communications bands such as GSM.

The system is mounted in a backpack with the antennas and control panel accessible on the top face, and a long mission-life Lithium Ion battery mounted below. The system weighs 15 lbs, with batteries, antennae and backpack. The unit can be synchronized to support interoperability with other ESM/ECM and communications equipment. Once programmed by a mission specialist, the system runs automatically from switch-on. Future models of the system, currently in development will extend frequency coverage of the BroadShield in a single unit, fully integrated with a signal generator and power amplification components.