RPGNet – Active Protection System from Qinetiq


A non-lethal RPG defeat concept is the RPGNet, incorporating a net shaped “trap” made of super-high strength ballistic fiber, developed under a joint ONR/DARPA program. The trap will intercept, break the flight trajectory at a safe distance from the protected vehicle. RPGNet defeats an RPG by crushing its ogive, rendering the fuse inoperable and preventing high-order blast effect, by preventing the formation of the shaped charge plasma jet. The system is currently in development by Foster Miller under a one year evaluation program for the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Mounted on an armored vehicle such as the LAV or Humvee, RPGNet will be able to defeat an RPG-7 at a standoff distance of up two meters. Additional work will be required to defeat more sophisticated types, such as RPG-7M.