Interceptor – Unmanned Surface Vessel Unveiled


The Interceptor unmanned surface vessel (USV) is developed under cooperation between AAI, and two U.S. – Marine Robotic Vessels International (MRVI) and Sea Robotics Company (SRC). Interceptor is designed for security and public service applications such as anti-piracy patrol, harbor security and oil rig surveillance. It began sea trials in September 2006.

The Interceptor can operate autonomously commanded by an on-board mission computer and navigation system, taking the vessel on the pre-determined course and commands the prescribed tasks. There are onboard sensors to modify the progress of the vessel according to changing external circumstances, for example collision avoidance. Alternatively, the vessel can be remotely controlled via radio link.
The 6.5 meter long vessel is powered by a 266 Steyr multi-fuel engine coupled to a Hamilton waterjet propulsor.

The control system is compatible with the same protocol used with AAI Corp’s UAV systems (Shadow and Aerosonde) to provide a seamless integration between unmanned aerial and surface vehicles.