Armoured Mortar System II (AMS II)


BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Defence in partnership with General Dynamics Land Systems has designed the turreted 120mm mortar. Based on an operational analysis performed at the RO Defence center Shrivenham which recognised the changing operational demand for tactical fire support doctrine, a low-weight and cost-effective platform mounting a breech-loaded 120mm mortar system was conceived. The result was the 2.5 ton AMS II mounted on light and medium armoured, wheeled or tracked armour vehicles, allowing strategic air portability.

The AMS II has a single smoothbore breech-loading 120mm mortar weapon, capable of firing a full range of munitions to 10,000m. Claimed neutralising fire mission on target is 15 seconds, from vehicle stop, with 13 rpm engagement rate. The AMS II has point target capability for direct fire up to 1200m. Add-on ballistic modular armour suites, can upgrade the vehicle protection if required. Sofar, 73 AMS have been delivered to the Saudi Arabian National Guard where they are mounted on 8 x 8 LAV chassis.