EL/M-2248 MF-STAR Naval Multi-Mission Radar


The MF-STAR is a multi-function S-band solid-state active conformal phased array radar system for the new generation of military ships. As the ship’s primary sensor the radar provides 3D long-range air surveillance. At medium range it will automatically track and classify threat and simultaneously, search the horizon for potential missile threats. In parallel, it supports multiple engagements by offensive and defensive weapons. Designated EL/M-2248 the radar system delivers high quality arena situation picture and weapons support, under the toughest target/environment conditions in the existing and future naval arena.

Incorporating advanced technology and robust system architecture; the MF-STAR employs multi-beam and pulse Doppler techniques as-well-as robust ECCM techniques to extract fast, low RCS targets from complex clutter and jamming environments.

Photo: IAI

EL/M-2248 – MF-STAR is a multi-function solid-state active conformal phased array radar system designed for the new generation of naval vessels designed for both Blue water and Littoral warfare. The system can operate in multiple functions simultaneously, delivering high-quality situation picture, supporting offensive weapons, while performing self-defense and battlegroup protection roles. MF-STAR employs multi-beam and pulse doppler techniques using advanced beam forming techniques embedded with robust ECCM techniques to extract fast, low RCS targets from complex clutter and jamming environments. The agile radar operates in multiple simultaneous modes, offering short search frames and Track While Scan (TWS) revisit time. The system also offers rapid tracking update rate and high accuracy for priority targets. The radar will automatically establish tracks of high flying targets at ranges beyond 250km and at low flying targets, at ranges above of 25 km.

Weighing about seven tons, the radar uses four flat lightweight antennae operating in the S-band that can be tailored to fit even relatively small ships, from corvettes and above. Hardware architecture and technology ensure high system availability, low maintenance and low life cycle cost.
For weapons guidance, MF-STAR Supports different operating modes of missile systems including mid-course guidance of active/semi-active anti-air missiles and Illumination enslavement for semi-active missiles, thus making dedicated guidance radar systems redundant. Also incorporates is an automatic splash detection and measurement, to support naval gunnery in maritime security and close-in defense role.

This radar is currently under development, in anticipation for fielding with the Israel Navy next generation Saar 5+ corvette as well as with other modern vessels, planned for procurement or upgrading by foreign navies. The system is integrated as part of the advanced version of the Barak missile known as Barak-NG and Indian MR-SAM (also designated as Barak 8).

Elta has already implemented its static phased array radar technology in several programs, including the Phalcon airborne early warning (AEW) system, as well as the early warning radar for the Arrow missile interceptor system, and the new artiller/air defense Multi-Mission Radar.