U-ADD Universal Aerial Delivery Dispenser


A mission configurable payload Universal Aerial Delivery Dispenser (U-ADD) is developed by Textron Systems to be used for aircraft and UAV precision delivery of ordnance and special payloads. The U-ADD dispenser uses GPS guidance to precisely deploy various types of air delivered cargo to a specific point, using four-fin guided tail kit with active fin control and parachute, when soft delivery is required. Potential cargo could include 100 lbs (45 kg) of critical supplies such as ammunition, batteries and medical supplies, chaff, sonobouys or unattended ground sensors (UGS) leaflets or lethal munitions. U-ADD can also accommodate a single CLAW weapon, for enhanced area effect.

Textron Systems U-ADD guided dispenser was flown through a full mission for the first time during a demonstration held by the US Air force UAV Battlelab in October 2006. U-ADD was controlled throughout its flight by the GuideStar flight control system, developed by Athena Technologies. Upon reaching the designated delivery latitude, longitude and altitude position, the guided dispenser deployed a 64-lb BLU-108 Sensor Fuzed submunition. The inert BLU-108 deployed its drogue and main parachute as intended over the target area. As part of a first phase program, Athena provided guidance and control of the U-ADD with its GuideStar 111m – a miniaturized (0.5 pound) integrated flight control and navigation software and hardware solution. A U-ADD Product Improvement activity will be ongoing starting in 2007 with the US Air Force’s UAV Battlelab, Creech AFB, NV.