RAFAEL Unveils Panoramic, Vehicular Electro-Optical Gunshot Detector


At the upcoming AUSA 2007 exhibition in Washington DC, RAFAEL is planning to introduce a new vehicular version of the Spotlite electro-optical gunshot locator. The system is currently in development, with R&D funded by several customers. It’s unique sensor and signal processing provides fully panoramic coverage, initiating threat warning, detection and localization within few seconds from a gunshot, rocket or a missile being launch, well before the threat reaches its target. RAFAEL plans to complete an integrated vehicular system before the year’s end.

The new system, designated SpotLite-M joins the SpotLite-P (portable version). Both systems are capable of accurately and immediately detecting, locating and thereby enabling reaction to enemy fire sources, such as small arms fire, RPGs and anti-tank missiles. Spotlite M provides critical early warning on an imminent attack and enables the vehicle’s crew to take evasive actions, employ effective counter-fire or deploy countermeasures against the threat within seconds from initial detection. Simultaneously, coordinates of the firing source can be sent to any shooter capable of receiving those coordinates, whether it be a tank, attack helicopter, anti-tank missile, sniper, etc. “The SpotLite-M provides the best solution for one of the most serious problems for mobile platforms on any battlefield and that, is finding the enemy and being able to react in real-time,” says David Stemer Corporate VP and General Manager of Rafael’s Missile Division. “We are confident that it will attract the attention of our customers worldwide.”

The system comprises a unique, panoramic infrared camera developed by Rafael, enabling target detection and location at more than the effective range of the various threats. The system is effective in both day and night covering a full panoramic 360° view. In addition to land platforms, the SpotLite-M is also suitable for aerial and naval platforms.