Type 214 Submarine


Type 214 submarines were developed in Germany to address the requirements form modern navies for more endurance, without using nuclear propulsion. Unlike classic diesel electrically powered subs, Type 214s are using a new fuel cell system providing an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP). The new propulsion system enables an increased diving depth and overall performance efficiency, through specially built hull and advanced weapons systems. Absence of a diesel engine also provides for minimizing acoustic, thermal and magnetic signatures.

Type 214 Submarine Specifications:
Length: 65 m
Height: 13 m
Pressure hull diameter 6.3 m
Surface displacement 1,700 ton
Pressure hull fabricated from ferromagnetic steel
Integrated sonar and weapon control system (USUS 90)
The 214 is equipped with eight full-size swim-out launching tubes in the bulkhead for all types of subsurface weapons, All tubes can launch torpedoes and four are configured with weapon expulsion system supporting missiles.
Propulsion system: motor by Permasyn, utilizing a PEM fuel cell system