Personal Gear at the Modern Day Marine Expo


Personal Gear & Weapons: Advancement in personal protection and new assault rifle were two of the topics at teh 2007 Modern Day Marine expo. The new design considered for te future advanced combat helmet (ACH) utiizes face protection and improved ergonomics, contributing to better performance.

Protected Head Gear

The new trend in protective headgear offers face and eye protection, provided with future helmet designs and as add-on for current Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). A typical system is the CM130 designed by Eye Tactical, and associated with Point Blank’s body armor. The mask provides additional facial and head protection from fragmentation and other debries caused by IEDs. The CM130 also provides level II and II 9mm bulletproof protection, augmenting the PASGT and ACH helmets. US Marines Systems Command is also evaluating a future Advanced Combat Helmet that will offer increased performance by adding face, neck and increased head protection. The new helmet uses a split-shell design featuring an air vent across the top, for heat stress reduction. It also employs a novel suspension, designed for improved stability, reducing weight adding comfort and impact protection. Interchangeable face armor components will make this future helmet adaptable to increasing threat levels. Among the latest protection device, one of the products bringing relief to many warfighters is the new ballistic groin protector from ArmorWorks, based on a similar, non-ballistic groin protector cup widely used by baseball players. The new ballistic cup is made from Kevlar is designed to protect warfighter’s sensitive body organs against fragments, small arms fire and impact. The product is anatomically shaped for the male and female groin area and its design ensures comfort over extended use.

Magpul Introduces the Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon

Magpul military industries, sofar ssociated with weapon’s accessories, unveiled their latest Masada assault rifle. The new weapon unveiled earlier this year at the Shot-Show was developed in only four months from scratchpad to a working prototype as a Magpul privately funded initiative. An evolution of the proven AR180 platform Masada utilizes a lightweight package optimized for mass production, This Adaptive Combat Weapon System can be rapidly configured to suite specific user’s requirements adjusting length, caliber, magazine compatibility, stock type, and fire-control setup. The current design is intended for assault rifle class cartridges including 5.56 NATO, 6.8 Remington and 7.62×39 (AK).

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