Personal Positioning System


Draper developed the Personal Positioning System (PPS) in response to the US Army requirement for Personal Navigation System, required to provide autonomous, uninterrupted position, location and attitude reference in GPS-challenged signal environment.

This robust suite is currently in prototype phase. As it is moved into production, the size, power and packaging are expected to improve by an order of magnitude or higher, improving usability and decreasing weight.

Using MEMS inertial devices for measurement, Draper’s PPS uses GPS, inertial, Doppler radar, barometer and magnetometer inputs, to enable the GPS receiver to maintain satellite lock for longer periods in areas where GPS signals are attenuated, screened (by tree canopy) or blocked by (in an urban canyon, for example).

It will also sustain navigation accuracy In areas where GPS signals are absent. The system provides measurement accuracy within 3-5 meters, depending on the distance from last GPS reading. PPS is part of the Future Force Warrior system and is implemented withinthe General Dynamics’ Fusion system.