Boeing, Alenia Jointly Pursue International Training Business


Boeing and Alenia Aermacchi announced they will cooperate in the marketing of Alenia’s trainer aircraft, jointly pursuing marketing opportunities woldwide. The strategic alliance is designed to increase the two companies’ commercial presence in the international market for next-generation trainers by offering more flexible training services, addressing modern air force’s requirements for privatized, service oriented training packages.

The agreement covers two of Aermacchi’s leading platforms – the new M-346 Advanced and Lead-in-Fighter Trainer and the M-311 basic-advanced trainer. Under the agreement, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems’ Support Systems division will be responsible for several aspects of the program’s logistics support and associated training. Combining Boeing’s sustainment and training systems capabilities with Alenia Aermacchi will improve mission effectiveness, help reduce total cost of ownership and further strengthen the advantages of the M-346 and M-311. Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica company produces a range of training aircraft, including the SF-260 selection/primary training, M-311 basic/advanced training with turbofan engine, MB-339CD (advanced Lead-in-Fighter Trainer. The company is currently introducing the new-generation M-346 advanced Lead-in-Fighter Trainer.