Insitu Integrator UAV


Insitu unveiled at AUVSI its latest unmanned aerial system designated ‘Integrator’. The new vehicle extends the company’s Insight family of vehicles (which includes the ScanEagle) with the ability to carry out longer missions with larger payloads. Following a modular design, the Integrator decouples the payload from the airframe to ease payload integration. Additional internal payload options for Integrator include a wide range of intelligence, communications and expandable capabilities and options. The Integrator has an empty weight of 55 lbs (25 kg), loaded with full payload of 25 lbs (11.3kg) fuel and payload the maximum takeoff weight of 130 lbs (59 kg). It is powered by reciprocating piston engine developing eight horsepowers, and runs on heavy fuel or auto gas. The vehicle is designed for a cruising speed of 55 knots and maximum speed is 90 kt. Service ceiling is 20,000 ft.

The new vehicle will utilize a larger 10×10 inch (25×25 cm) box shaped fuselage, couples with 16 ft (4.8 meter) span swept wing. Unlike the clean blended wing design of the ScanEagle, Integrator has more control surfaces, with booms carrying a vertical tail and horizontal stabilizer coupled to each wing. Unlike most UAV designs, Integrator is not using the classical H design used by most UAVs, as the two tails are not connected by a common horizontal stabilizer.

The wing roots are strengthened to carry external payload options, including all existing Scaneagle payloads, EO and IR turrets and communications. In its baseline configuration the Integrator carries an electro-optical stabilized payload including visual and long-wave InfraRed (LWIR) sensor and Mid-Range InfraRed (MWIR) cameras with optional infrared marker and laser rangefinder. The platform can sustain communications link over 55 nautical miles with extended beyond-line-of-sight mission radius of up to 550 nm. Launch and recovery are performed autonomously using pneumatic catapult launcher and patented ‘wingtip snag’, enabling safe and reliable recovery without the need for infrastructure, over rough or mountainous land, as well as at sea. Integrator will be interoperable with Insight platforms and ScanEagle, using common ground system components. The avionic suite is based on Athena Guidestar system, utilizing differential GPS navigation.