Renault Unveil a new Line of Armored Vehicles


Renault AMC 6×6 vehicle is a 20 ton class multi-purpose armored vehicle designed as a troop and weapon carrier (mortar, gun), support and reconnaissance vehicle. At a combat gross weight of 18 – 23 tons, the AMC can carry net payload of 6.5 to 10.5 tons, depending on configuration. The vehicle is powered by a 370 hp engine which can be uprated up to 460 hp diesel (Euro 4/5 standard) coupled to an automatic transmission. Utillizing an overhead gun position, the fighting compartment is fully available for seating accommodation and combat load for eight soldiers. Modular protection levels can be applied on the basic hull which provides basic ballistic and mine protection. Additional armor can improve the protection from anti-tank weapons, IEDs, RPGs and EFP.

AMC from Renault, shown at Eurosatory 2008 with 30mm overhead weapon station provided by Elbit Systems. Photo: Tamir Eshel

A MRAP based on the Sherpa medium weight  truck from Renault. Photo: Tamir Eshel

With massive US deployment of heavily armored Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan, MRAP is becoming a popular class of armored vehicle, attracting new designs from many automotive systems designers worldwide.

A new design shown here for the first time is the Renault MRAP, ranging a number of vehicles in the 15 /22 ton class. The Renault MRAP is powered by the 320 hp Euro 4/5 engine, traveling on road at a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The vehicle is designed with a V shaped hull, has an integral high level of protection against ballistic, mines and IEDs. The vehicle is coming in 10 and 12 seat configurations.

Renault also unveiled a heavily armored version of the Sherpa 3A HI (High Intensity) 4×4 vehicle designed for reconnaissance and liaison missions. Based on the Sherpa 3 platform, the armored HI version can carry a useful mission payload of 1.5 tons, at a gross vehicle weight of 10.5 tons. It is powered by a Renault 215 hp Euro 4/5 engine and automatic transmission, accelerating this armored beast to a maximum road speed of 120 km/h. At Eurosatory Renault demonstrated the vehicle with remotely controlled overhead weapon station, further enhancing crew protection.

Sherpa 3A HI Photo: Tamir Eshel