ELTA Unveils Unattended Ground Sensor Network


Elta’s new UGSN is a modular network of autonomous distributed sensors including seismic, acoustic, electro-optical sensors and miniature ground surveillance radars. Each sensor includes a sensitive microphone, for acoustic detection, a geophone picking up seismic vibration from nearby movement, a GPS receiver, communications transceiver a low-power controller and signal processor. The sensor can pick up moving heavy vehicles (such as tanks) from a distance of 500 meters and walking humans from 50 meters.

The UGS can be configured with high capacity power module for extended use (four weeks), or in a miniature casing, for short missions (7 days). Surveillance data is transmitted wirelessly, through self-forming network to the ground command and control center. The UGS can be located in any area for monitoring the area of interest for an extended period of time. The sensors can operate autonomously or in combination, optimizing area coverage, and facilitating target detection, classification. Add-on electro-optical sensors such as TED based passive, uncooled thermal sensors, can be added. While TEDs are maintained in power saving ‘sleep mode’, they automatically designated by the UGS to perform target recognition and identification.


Defense Update report from Soldier Technology 2008 is focusing on these topics: