QuietPro Combat Headset


Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR)
Hearing Protection Headset (IISR-HPH)

The Norwegian company NACRE introduced a new combat headset system combining hearing protection, Voice Activation radio Transmission (VOX) and programmable control for tactical radio sets.

The system called QuietPro has already been integrated with the Marine Corps’ personnel radio communicators and Special Operations’ PRC-148 MBITR radio systems and the German Bundeswehr iDZ soldier modernization program.

According to NACRE, over 24,000 units have already been ordered. The system uses a digital signal processor to facilitate automatic, adaptive digital hearing protection by passive and active noise reduction. Using both passive and active means, QuietPro’s can achieve 34-42 dB attenuation (depending in frequency).

By attenuating ambient noises and canceling excessive acoustic peaks and impulses, resulting from nearby running engine, explosions and gun shots, QuietPro helps protecting the soldier’s hearing.An in-ear microphone and loudspeaker support simultaneous operation on two radio networks while an adaptive, digital talk-through and directional hearing facilitates a ‘bionic ear’, capable of localizing sounds and maximizing hearing sensitivity at specific directions.

In September 2007 Nacre AS was awarded a $27 million firm-fixed-price commercial contract by the by the Marine Corps System Command to supply the Quietpro Integrated Intra Squad Radio (IISR) Hearing Protection Headset (IISR-HPH). A similar system known as QuietOps marketed by Silinx is designed primarily for special operations users and was integrated in the Israeli soldier modernization kit.