Better Simulators for the Typhoon


Typhoon Operators to Receive Improved Simulators

Typhoon operators are scheduled to receive 15 improved simulators as part of the Typhoon Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) framework. Known as ‘Supplement 5 Simulators” these systems will incorporate an advanced visual system, improving performance, resolution and visual effects while lowering maintenance costs. The package consists of nine Full Mission Simulators (FMS) and six Enhanced Cockpit Trainers/Interactive Pilot Stations (CT/IPS-E), complementing existing systems fielded with Typhoon operators. Four of the simulators have already been delivered under an earlier contract and will be refurbished to the new standard.

The fielded simulators are also expected to receive their first in-service upgrade, enhancing functionality, utilizing real weapon system code and maintaining a training capability commensurate with the real aircraft. These upgrades are expected to be fielded within three months after availability on the aircraft at the main operating bases. Future enhancements, such as Wide Area Networking (WAN) and the integration of the Laser Designator Pod and Helmet Mounted Display, are also considered.