US Navy Evaluates Metal Strom’s FireStorm Non Lethal Weapon Launcher


The Australian weapon developer Metal Storm International (MSI) completed a demonstration of non lethal weapon system utilizing its rapid fire ‘Metal Storm’ system. The company was one of two companies invited to participate in a Market Research Demonstration (MRD) for the US Marine Corps System Command’s Mission Payload Module – Non Lethal Weapon System program, assessing the maturity level of new technologies. Following the MRD, the U.S. Government plans to solicit proposals for the System Development and Demonstration Phase (SDD).

Metal Storm demonstrated its FireStorm lightweight multi-barrel 40mm electronic weapon, operated by Navy personnel. During the demonstration the Navy evaluated the system’s performance at ranges of 30 and 150 meters, launching two non-lethal munitions from each barrel. “We believe our weapons platform will offer significant advantages in range, area coverage, precision, and scalability over current non-lethal weapon systems.” MSI General Manager, Peter D. Faulkner said, following the recent test.

“The Mission Payload Module – Non-Lethal Weapons System will provide a non-lethal counter-personnel capability to support missions requiring crowd control and will deny, defend and control area access while allowing the user to engage threats at standoff ranges and protect non-combatants.” he added. Follow-on increments of the FireStorm could be integrated on different tactical vehicle platforms, unmanned ground vehicles, and Navy surface vessels.