D-STAMP (Daylight – Stabilized Miniature Payload)


D-STAMP Daylight – Stabilized Miniature Payload is a miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilized, airborne sensor designed for Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV / MAV). These aerial vehicles are used for tactical “over the hill” reconnaissance in daylight conditions. The payload weighs only 0.65kg operates in observation mode, providing a real time live video. Controp developed the D-STAMP in response to specific requirements for surveillance and reconnaissance requirements set by several armies.

The payload is optimized for MAV mission profile, operating at 20 to 40 knots velocity and 500 to 2,000 feet altitude. The stabilized miniature payload uses a high resolution color CCD camera with 10x optical zoom lens for daytime observation.

The camera links via RS-232 communication and wireless datalink to the ground station, where real-time images can be viewed and analyzed.

Optional configurations include a built-in Inertial Navigational System (INS) on the Line of Sight (LOS), and an optional Scan Mode enables rapid processing of individual images into a high resolution mosaic view of the scanned area. The resulting panoramic view can be used for orientation, target search and other uses requiring detailed images and wide field-of-view.

According to Controp, the 3 axis gyro stabilization of the STAMP platform’s line of sight provides unique attributes to this turret, including highly stable video imaging including high quality pictures in full zoom, without vibrations or jittering, It also provides continuous target tracking regardless of aircraft attitude and motion. Wide field of regard and the ability to ‘point to coordinates’ makes this small payload simple to use and highly efficient when operated by ordinary soldiers.

In 2007 the company introduced several new versions of the STAMP platform, including an Uncooled IR sensor packed version (U-STAMP). This payload weighing only one kilogram is designed for nighttime missions, and, according to Controp, has already been delivered to several customers worldwide.