THOR Robotic Control and Battle management System


GDRS developed the Thor robotic vehicle control system, a scalable battle management system, designed for robotic and unmanned systems. The system enables the small combat unit to operate various unmanned systems as part of their routine activities providing situational understanding, battle management, mission planning and execution. Thor supports four levels of control, including tele-operation of vehicles and payloads, autonomous tactical behaviors incorporating movement, vision, and shooting skills, automatic planning and computerized aids assisting in the rapid execution of time critical tasks. The system also supports collaborative operation, communicating between multiple platforms, sensors and users.

Thor hardware uses standard rugged or military PC terminals, running commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Linux, Pocket OS or Tablet, as well as the Integrated Computing System developed for the FCS program. The application uses a common base code to match all systems and minimize training. Thor crew-station configuration will offer a multi-display console designed for operation ion the move, offering full C4ISR capability, planning and control of on board and remote assets, including unmanned systems, unattended sensors and intelligent munitions. A single panel vehicle mounted version which will include a moving map 2D or 3D display, will be used to command multiple unmanned assets from within the vehicle. The system is also offered in dismounted versions, including a GPS enabled tablet PCs designed for dismounted leaders and medics and a wrist controller, combined with wearable computer and headset, used by the warfighter.