Airbus Military Absorbed into a Business Unit of Airbus Industries


EADS announced the reorganization of its military transport activities, absorbing its formerly independent military transport aircraft division (MTAD) into Airbus Industries, to be operated as a new Airbus business unit. The new unit called “Airbus Military” is based in Spain, will be accountable for all military activities within Airbus, employing about 5,000 people. The A400M program now falls under the full and sole responsibility of Domingo Ureña, the new Head of Airbus Military. “I am fully committed to get the A400M back on track again” Said Ureña.

Airbus Military unit is in charge of all EADS military transport aircraft, ranging from the small CN-235 and C-295 transport aircraft, to the multi role tanker transport (MRTT) based on the Airbus A330, as well as the development (and future production of) A400M. As an integral unit of Airbus, it will also be responsible of future derivatives of Airbus civil aircraft. Airbus Military will continue to provide support and services to customers and operators.

The new unit will be operated as a profit center, it is expected to be more efficient and streamlined. Clear and unified command lines will be implemented. EADS expects that the new structure will benefit from better access to Airbus’ industrial and engineering resources. This action has followed the EADS Board decision of December 2008. “Building civil and military aircraft under one roof supports our Airbus’ Vision 2020 to be a top-performing enterprise. The integration strengthens our military business by providing the right capabilities and structures to address the program challenges ahead, particularly those of the A400M,” said Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders. “Operational synergies at development and industrial level for both civil and military transport aircraft will be fully explored, while at the same time safeguarding and leveraging Airbus Military’s specific capabilities.” The company communiqué said.