DCNS Promotes Three Submarine Classes at IMDEX

DCNS Introduces the Andrasta littoral sub at IMDEX 2009. Photo: DCNS

DCNS, he supplier of the six new frigates recently joining the Singapore Navy has a massive presence at IMDEX. Among the company’s leading product in the region are the Scorpene medium-size submarines, the most recent sub was delivered to the Malaysian Navy earlier this year. Six submarines are currently under construction for India.

DCNS Introduces the Andrasta littoral sub at IMDEX 2009. Photo: DCNS

According to DCNS, the Scorpene submarines represents the state of the art in submarine design and construction and benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance. Excellent endurance makes these submarines among the few medium-displacement designs suitable for extended ocean patrol duties.

DCNS is also displaying the Andrasta, a compact submarine designed to operate in coastal waters, a theatre of growing importance to all maritime nations. A direct descendant of the Scorpene, this class offers stealth, agility and power.

For Navies with requirements for ocean going submarines, DCNS is proposing the SMX-24 – a long-range, ocean-going conventional propulsion submarine (SSK) with an excellent payload capability. The modular design can be reconfigured to optimize for specific missions each navy defines. The mission profile ranges from special operations to massive land strikes, in addition to the usual missions assigned to ocean-going SSKs, which is to say, attacks against enemy naval forces and fleet protection, both of which require significant anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.