Israel Air Force to Deploy a New Video Recorder & Data Server from RADA


RADA is unveiling the latest mission data recorder model developed by the company and selected to equip the Israel Air Force first line fighters – the Video Recorder & Data Server System (VRDS), introducing cutting edge approach to video and data recording and mass-storage management onboard combat aerial platforms. RADA’s VRDS has been accepted as the sole source for flight recorders for the vast majority of the Israel Air Force aircraft. The systems are currently being integrated on F-15 models A/B/C/D/I, F-16 models C/D/I, C-130, T-6, and more. Production deliveries will begin later this year. The new system has more memory capacity, more processing power, Gigabit Ethernet channels support and enhanced functionality. With more powerful processing supporting highly efficient video compression (MPEG-4/H.264), VRDS also supports a wide range of services beyond mission data recording. These include functions of an avionic Data Server and the traditional Data Transfer Equipment (DTE). The system also supports data encryption provisions, employing a data cassette with autonomous secure erase capabilities.