IAI Introduces New Medium Laser Guided Weapon


IAI/MBT is unveiling here the MLGB, – Medium Laser Guided Bomb, offering dual-mode guidance employing GPS and terminal laser guidance. The weapon comprising an 80 kg warhead offers pinpoint accuracy under all weather conditions. The MLGB kit employs the warhead, terminal seeker and guidance system, attached to a wing assembly that retracts after release. Despite the relatively small warhead, MLGB is well capable of performing precision attack and close air support, while minimizing risk to friendly forces and collateral damage. It can effectively strike buildings, bunkers and moving or stationary ‘time critical targets’. The key to such improved performance is the weapon’s ‘trajectory shaping’ capability, enabling mission planners to carefully plan the flight profile, target approach and impact angle of the weapon.

According to IAI the weapon can be employed from various types of aerial vehicles. While IAI introduces the new weapon, sales of the larger Griffin 3, Next Generation Laser Guided Bomb (NGLGB) Kits continue, the company recently received orders for the kits worth tens of millions of dollars.

The GRIFFIN System provides much better hit accuracy than previous generation kits, even in high wind conditions or when aiming for a moving target. GRIFFIN 3 also offers trajectory shaping capability, which, when used with a penetration warhead, is integral to achieving maximum penetration. (Griffin 3 is seen in the photos below)

Griffin 3 new generation laser guided bomb demonstrate accurate hit within a 1 meter  CEP. Photo: IAI

Grifin 3 precision laser guidance kit attached to a 1000 lb bomb. Photo: IAI