Israel Navy Successfully Tests an Upgraded Barak Anti-Missile System


The Israel Navy conducted a successful test firing of the Barak anti-missile system, featuring an improved version of the missile that includes upgrades to its missile interception capabilities. The improvement of the Barak point-defense missile system is part of a modernization process the Israel Navy is going through. The vessel taking part in the test was INS Lahav, a Sa’ar 5 type corvette which successfully engaged a target simulating an anti-ship missile employing the new Barak. The Barak missiles are currently used by the Israel Navy and a number of international customers, including the Indian Navy, and other navies in Asia and Latin America. The system was jointly developed by IAI and Rafael in the 1980s. The two companies are currently working on the development of a new model of the Barak, designated Barak 8, capable of intercepting targets at ranges of 60-70 km.