Army Experiment to Test Combat use of Multi-Media


More than 150 soldiers will be participating in the three-week Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE 2010), performing 14 different missions. The experiment will take place in early 2010 at the Army’s Maneuver Battle Lab at Fort Benning, Ga. The experiment will call for the integration of more than 25 technologies from 20 different companies and government agencies, operating on a single integrated backbone network, linking together communication devices, command and control applications and sensor platforms.

Raytheon was selected to provide the network, utilizing its MAINGATE solution as the network backbone, linking together unattended ground sensors, unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems. According to Jerry Powlen, vice president, Raytheon’s Integrated Communications Systems, the network will support the most advanced protocols with simultaneous support of multiple full-motion video channels; robust, detailed situational awareness; command and control; chat; voice nets and call groups; and on-the-move access to web 2.0 applications. The bi-annual AEWE program support the Army’s rapid and long-term development, and support the evolution of relevant doctrine and TTP’s to support the current force while examining future force requirements and formation through simulations and experimentation.

In France, Sagem has been selected as prime contractor for the Phoenix 2010 experimentation program, evaluating improvements and capabilities of the French army’s future combat systems. Similar programs have already been undertaken by the French Army in 2007, 2008. Sagem has partnered with the Land & Joint Systems division of Thales to support the 18 month experimentation program, considered an important milestone in the preparations for “Operation Scorpion”, supporting the French army’s future network centric transformation.

Phoenix 2010 program will kick off in the second half of 2010. Running for a period of 18 months, it will organize and carry out field demonstrations in specific areas, using hardware and software from Sagem and its partners, optimized for these trials. Focusing on regiment, company and platoon levels, the experiments will demonstrate advanced close combat capabilities including tracking friend/foe positions, robust tactical communications, and continuity between mounted and dismounted phases, surveillance and air-land support.