Yellow Jacket Fuses MASINT, IMINT, UAVs to Hunt IEDs


CenTauri Solutions has been awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense to demonstrate an integrated UAV-based counter-IED technology. Known as “Yellow Jacket” the $11.7 million program is sponsored by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, (AFRL) in Rome, New York. Such a capability could provide life saving services for military patrols and convoys, by scanning the roads and locations and identifing potential IED threats before the arrival of the forces.

Under the project CenTauri will demonstrate the compilation of two intelligence disciplines – Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), co-located on a single platform and fused to enable timely detection of improvised explosive devices at a high level of probability. CenTauri will install the electro-optical HD imaging and unintentional electromagnetic emissions sensor on the Sciebel Camcopter S-100 vertically take off and landing vehicle.

The ground control system developed by Sciebel enables the operator to plan and perform a complete autonomous mission. Photos: Sciebel

The radio-frequency detector will be able to scan an area, searching for electromagnetic signals emitted from electronic circuits and electrical that could be associated with IEDs. These could be such as remote controllers, as well as triggering and activation devices. On detection of such signals, high definition imaging sensors could be cued to explore the location for a closer look.

The Sciebel S-100 Camcopter is well suited for te mission, providing autonomous operational capability and significant payload carrying capacity, while requiring minimal field support. The S-100 can fly missions over 6 hours long, carrying up to 75 pounds of different payloads out to ranges of 180km. It can operate up to heights of 18,000 ft above sea level, making it effective for the most parts of Afghanistan. Back in August this year Sciebel and Boeing announced a teaming agreement to pursue marketing and support opportunities for Schiebel’s S-100 Camcopter.

CenTauri Solutions is a U.S. consultancy group and system engineering company specializing in Intelligence, Defense and Homeland Security based in Alexandria, Virginia.