JAM-V High Power Counter-IED Jammers


Originally known as ‘bomb jammers’ these devices were utilized by EOD/ bomb disposal teams, to deny an adversary to trigger a device under inspection by the EOD technician. These jammers are also used by first responders when arriving at terror scenes, in effort to deny the activation of secondary explosive charges planted at the site, aimed against the rescue teams.

The IED jammer effectively cuts off radio communications from the triggering transmitter to the device attached to the bomb, thus temporarily preventing bomb detonation while the jammer is in effective range. At Milipol 2009, several Israeli companies are displaying advanced high-power jammers, among them devices designed for EOD and VIP applications.

VIP protection is the forte of the Israeli company SESP, specializing exclusively in RF jamming technology since 1997. SESP is offering a suite of high-power jammers to meet a wide range of applications, claimed to cover all frequency bands that could be employed by potential threats. The company offers custom made, highly reliable jammers, integrated into protected vehicles to provide maximum security for VIPs, military units, SWAT teams and EOD squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug agencies, and other law enforcement personnel.

SESP jammers are fully integrated and concealed into luxury vehicles such as the JAM-V Mercedes S500L and BMW 7 Series. The powerful jammer is installed in the trunk, along with its cooling, ensuring uninterrupted operation in any climate, and power generator feeding directly from the vehicles’ fuel tank, sustaining the jammer with peak power under all driving conditions, without degrading the vehicle’s mobility or comfort. The vehicle is customized with special RF shielding for full protection of the driver and passengers. In addition, the vehicle can also be armored to level B6.

SESP’s Jamkit high-power vehicular multi-band jamming system can simultaneously jam the RF frequency bands most used around the world, including cellular (CDMA, TDMA, GSM, HGSM, etc.), satellite, VHF/UHF and WiFi and Bluetooth frequency bands. The remotely controlled system is installed in separate attaché cases containing the cellular/satellite and VHF/UHF high power jamming units, feeding 350 watts RF output power to 5-8 roof-mounted streamlined high-gain omni-directional antennas. Vehicles are configured with cabling and antennas, while the actual jammers rotated between several vehicles depending on user operational methodology.

Employing high-power jammers, users can often protect a vehicle formation such as a small convoy or VIPs from the threat of roadside bombs, or radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). This method can be applied mostly in civilian and VIP protection when the group of vehicles maintains close distances, moves and is controlled under strictly disciplined movement drills. Such systems dramatically lower risk of assassination attempts from enemy-deployed explosive devices. For vehicle escort applications, SESP provides even more powerful jammer, designed for integration into four-wheel-dive luxury vehicle, transmitting over one kilowatt of RF jamming signal, resulting in greater radius of coverage around the vehicle.

A derivative of the Jamkit, JAM-V MK4 is tailored for the Toyota Land Cruiser, featuring over 1.3 kW RF output while a concealed configuration of the JAMX jammer, designed for the Hummer H2, covering an extended frequency range, can deliver a combined RF output of over 1.5 kW to act as an escort jammer.