Safely Training to Deal with IEDs


The Israeli company TAMAR Explosives is introducing at Milipol 2009 the X-test range of explosive simulants, products specifically designed for training and testing of homeland security personnel. The X-test products realistically simulate the actual explosives they represent, in appearance, texture, odor, and density. It can be used for the training of EOD technicians and security inspectors, performing searches for explosive devices in passenger baggage.

They also represent similar chemical properties, such as effective atomic number (Zeff) computed tomography (CT number) to effectively represent the explosive material to advanced detection systems, such as millimeter wave and X-ray diffraction sensors. The company has also developed a range of improvised explosive devices training devices in which its explosives simulants are used, along with simulants of detonators, detonation cords, and a variety of initiation devices. Explosive vests, pipe bombs and other items – all inert – complete the assortment, allowing high fidelity train of security agents for high threat environments.

Being inert materials, such simulants enable trainees, instructors and inspectors to handle explosive training devices with relative safety, allowing trainees to get a feel of the actual explosives and IEDs, and also to train in detection via hand search or a variety of detection technologies. X-Test materials are used for the training of security agents performing manual checks aimed at detecting explosive materials, assisting agents in becoming familiar with the visual and tactile properties of various explosive materials and easily recognize them during the course of their work. Other uses are in the instruction of operators of detection systems such as X-ray and EDS, searching for explosives concealed in baggage and other personal belongings. The operators learn to distinguish the concealed simulants by detecting their images on their screens, even when hidden among other items. Such materials are also used in exercises carried out by regulators and airport authorities as well, to preserve the operation of the security setup at a constantly high state of alertness. These “red team” exercises also comprise a fundamental component of airports’ quality assurance program. Simulants can also be used for the training of dogs (K-9), taught to identify and spot explosive materials.