Homeland Security Technology from Israel


Weapons and Ammunition

At Milipol 2009 Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) is displaying the X95 (Micro Tavor), designed for special units, offers high reliability and accuracy under extreme operating conditions. With the aid of a conversion kit, the weapon can be converted from 5.56mm into a 9mm caliber SMG. The X95 comes with an integral optical sight and multiple rails mounting configuring various accessories specially designed for specific applications. The optimization of the weapon’s elements were designed employing advanced human ergonomics, resulting an a compact and comfortable weapon, yet highly accurate and effective, offering high level of confidence to the user.

Personal Gear & Protection

At Milipol 2009 Rabintex is launching the Rabintex Ballistic Helmet (RBH) Air Crew helmet, a new member of the RBH line which already includes some of the popular helmet types such as the PASGT, MICH and Attack helmets. The new helmet is fabricated from Aramid to offer Level IIIA protection, providing combat air crews the same level of protection provided for soldiers, with added ear mufflers and piccatinny. The company is also launching RAV ‘Ladies First’ body armor. This bullet proof vest is designed with seamless panels at the front, made to fit women’s bust shape. The vest can be applied with an outer shell for regular use or a special outer shell design for concealed use. The vest is made of Aramid fibers, weighs 2.6 kg and meets protection Level IIIA NIJ 0101. 05.

Lior Textile’s ‘Star Guard’ is designed especially for undercover work, providing field agents a high level of protection against bullet and knife stab, in a concealed format. The vest offers a clean front and back surface with special closing that wrap around the waist to eliminate contours that might hint the existence of body armor. Ergonomically designed to provide optimal freedom of movement and protection, the Star Guard offers an expanded surface area of protection, superior to common concealable protection. The ergonomic, flexible and lightweight vest fits nicely under the shirt or jacket and is used by businessmen, detectives and bodyguards requiring maximum ballistic and stabbing protection in a concealed format.

Marom Dolphin is offering a wide range of backpacks designed for special operations forces and special weapons teams. The new range includes the Commander line of modular backpacks that comes with several cutaway pouches for an emergency runaway. The bag can be added with more pouches assembled with the use of MOLLE straps. Made of heavy duty fire retardant mesh, reducing back sweating, the bag has an integrated rain cover and a removable 15 liter front bag with integral carrying straps, which can be used as separately of the main backpack. The chest rig for Special Forces is a new addition to the company’s line of products. It can be used as a full vest with front and back parts, or as a chest rig with only the front part. The rig is equipped with integrated M16 magazine pouches at the front, and an integrated water pack inside the back part. The internal part of the vest is made using an anti flame mesh with 2 back support padding’s.

Homeland Security Technology from Israel: Correctional Facilities

Dealing with criminals and convicted felons doesn’t end in court ruling; advanced technologies developed for riot control, security, countering-explosives are also implemented behind bars, when matters get rough.

For example, Beit Alfa Trailers (BAT) is introducing the ‘Ranger Eye’ – computerized incident management system, employing their patented water cannon and an innovative thermal imaging system, developed at Opgal. The Ranger-Eye continuously monitors an area day and night, reports incidents, or an emergency and enables guards to activate various types of response and countermeasures, by employing water cannons as non-lethal deterrents, or using available fire fighting equipment for this activity.

Mobile phones are providing essential personal communications for everyone, but these privileges are normally denied to detainees, incarcerated in correctional facilities. Therefore, unauthorized phones become an important asset much sought after by criminal inmates. To combat these unauthorized cellphones, communications-monitoring and jamming are used in prison facilities, to deny inmates the use of such devices. Jamming is activated selectively, to enable authorized users operate mobile phones for official and personal use. Systems such as the Cellular Detectors MS from Netline can intercept a non-authorized device activated in a restricted area.

Such systems provide alerts whenever cellular activity is detected: phone conversations, short text/media message or standby-mode registration, alert wardens on suspected activity, leading to search, locate and confiscate hidden, unauthorized cell phones. When the operational policy allows for active countermeasures to be taken, jamming signals can instantly be activated by Netline’s C-Guard Hammer cellphone detector and jammer, against the intercepted device, denying link establishment. The C-Guard Hammer is suited for different coverage areas and applications, from small rooms to wide range complex sites, indoor and outdoors, employing different RF transmission power levels for each application.

Wireless cuffs have been used for several years enabling the correctional services system to provide inmates, held in low-security institutions, to be released back to the community under limiting conditions. Similar techniques can also be implemented behind bars, to protect wardens or track individual detainees in high security facilities, providing electronic personal surveillance and improve the security of both officers and inmates. The TRaCE system, developed by ELMO Tech performs location supervision and tightens inmate control. The system uses field-proven monitoring technologies, tailored for stringent security and safety requirements of correctional facilities. It provides real-time inmate and staff location-tracking, headcounts, officer’s ingress and egress notifications and can quickly alert on ‘man-down’ incidents.