RATS Carries Intelligence to the Warfighter

RATS device showing a geospatial persentation

Raytheon has developed an interactive mobile device called Raytheon Android Tactical System (RATS), designed for faster intelligence sharing, by efficiently delivering multimedia content to warfighters.

Raytheon Android Tactical System (RATS) employs an off-the-shelf mobile hand-held device powered by Google's Android operating system employing simple and intuitive graphical user interface to tap intelligence data from the Distributed Common Ground System Integration Backbone (DIB) directly to the warfighter at the lowest echelon, Photo: Raytheon.
RATS device showing a geospatial persentation

According to Raytheon’s VP for Defense and Civil Mission Solutions Mark Bigham, RATS provides a ‘0last mile of connectivity’ to the warfighter, delivering images and full motion video. The system utilizes off the shelf commercial technologies enabling developers to rapidly adapt to new technology and changing requirements. The device disseminates vital intelligence data via from the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Intelligence Backbone (DIB) system. Enabling users to search for and download information for instant use. Raytheon has demonstrated how the device provides the warfighter the ability to make decisions in seconds and minutes, rather than hours. The system could also employ mini-applications “wigets” for intelligence collection and analysis, including license plate reading, streaming video camera feeds and biometric collection (such as facial recognition).

The user-customized home page of the RATS provides easy access to the most commonly used applications. The device can also be loaded with 'widgets' mini-applications applied for specific tasks.Photos: Raytheon