Northrop Grumman Introduces an Advanced Network for Combat Vehicles


Northrop Grumman has introduced the Smart Integrated Vehicle Area Network (SiVAN) – a highly survivable information network providing the infrastructure for the integrated systems embedded in modern and future combat vehicles. The system is designed with open system architecture, rapid ‘plug-and-play’ style integration of different electronic systems. The interface to the system consists of a simple ‘Z-Node’, comprising a smart display and device interface linked via Ethernet cable.

Customizable, shared displays keep information accessible within the user’s allowed clearance level, enabling each user to monitor multiple devices on one screen. SiVAN provides a self-forming information link between on-board devices, while extending the local area connectivity to dismounts, UAVs, and any other platforms, allowing all elements to share data and resources. If damaged, the system employs self-healing functionality to reform the information link.