RG Outrider Debut at AUSA Winter 2010


BAE Systems has unveiled today the RG Outrider, an all-terrain armor protected vehicle based on the successful RG series, in service with the US special operations, Swedish forces and Spanish forces operating in Afghanistan. Outrider is a follow-on to the RG32M designed and built in South Africa. A light armored vehicle, RG Outrider is designed for first response situations and extreme off-road driving to meet special operations needs.

Photos: BAE Systems

This mine-resistant armor protected (MRAP) vehicle weighs 9.5 tons and features a widened and higher hull. The vehicle can be used for command, liaison and scouting roles, offering a spacious load bay and good all-round visibility through the blast and bullet proof windows.

The vehicle has a V shaped monocoque welded steel hull to deflect mine blast while externally mounted armor kit provides improved side-blast protection while also freeing up space inside the cabin. “Although the vehicle is a fully fledged light armoured vehicle it sacrifices none of the mobility, agility and ground clearance of its predecessor.” Says BAE Systems Global Tactical Systems president Dennis Morris.

The vehicle was first unveiled last month at the Nevada Automotive Test Center’s Vehicle Systems Demonstration Technology Rodeo at Carson City, Nevada.