Soldier Technology Europe 2010


Soldier Technology 2010, now in its 9th consecutive year, is a unique forum for soldier modernization professionals from military, government and industry organizations. The event comprises three days of briefings, focus sessions and panel discussions with an exhibition where over 40 companies are highlighting soldier systems related equipment running alongside the conference. This unique event brings together leaders from 30 soldier modernization programs (SMPs) from around the world join to discuss the top issues for the forthcoming year.

The event includes two focus days, on May 18 and May 21, highlighting vehicle interoperability and soldier C4ISR featuring speakers from the UK, Italy, Slovenia and several Scandinavian armies (Norway, Denmark and Finland). Another discussion will also focus on the wearable, portable and vehicle-borne energy sources designed to support dismounted operations.

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Soldier Technology 2010

Location: Olympia Conference Center, London

Event’s dates: 18th – 21st May 2010

Among the key speakers confirmed for 2010 are:

  • Brigadier Carew Wilks, Head of Individual Capability Group, UK MoD
  • Dominique Luzeaux, Director, Land Systems Procurement, DGA
  • Mark Richter, Program Manager (PM), Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad
  • Lt Colonel Mike Bodner, Chairman,
    NATO Land Capability Group 1, Dismounted Soldier
  • Major Dr Mohammed Alahbabi,
    Information Communication Technology Advisor, UAE Armed Forces
  • Lt Colonel Amir Geva, PM, Infantry Advanced System (IAS), Israel
  • Major Candian, PM Soldato Futuro, Italian Army
  • Lt Colonel Jacques Levesque, PM, ISSP (Switzerland)
  • Colonel Eigil Schoenning, Commander, Danish Army Combat School

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