Iranian Military Conducts Offensive, Defensive Wargame at the Straits of Hormoz


Iran began today (April 22, 2010) a large scale exercise held in the Persian Gulf, south of the Hurmoz Straits. Public demonstrations held today simulated a naval assault on enemy landing craft. The assault began with a direct attack by a swarm of fast boats, attacking the target with anti-ship missiles and, by RPGs from very close range. This phase was followed by assault teams boarding the vessel, from the sea and by helicopters. This phase was concluded with a torpedo attack sinking the target ship.

Participating in the exercise are units from the Republican Guards, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. According to MEHR agency, naval units taking part in the assault demonstrated to news teams, performed near the port of ‘Bandar Abas’, included new ‘radar evading’ fast attack boats of different types, as well as larger frigate size vessels, operating in a simulated, escalating scenario ranging from engagement of naval forces in the straits, to defeating an amphibious assault. Photos: MEHR.

RAAD Missile

The third and final phase of the Iranian ‘Great Prophet V’ exercise culminated with the traditional firing demonstration of different types of missiles and rockets. Today, April 26 2010, the Iranians demonstrated different coastal anti-ship missiles. These included the Ra’ad (Thunder), the Chinese truck mounted version of the HY-2 Silkworm with a maximum range of 360 km, and the C-802 Noor (Lightning), capable of hitting targets at sea from a distance of 40-180 km. The Iranians also fired various rockets, including the medium range Fajr 5 as well as shorter range rockets. Photo: MEHR

These fast attack boats operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are armed with heavy machine gun and roof-mounted multiple launch tubes firing rockets in a direct attack mode. Photo: MEHR

This fast attack boat is based on a Rigid Inflatable Hull (RIBS) featuring a low silhouette and relatively small radar signature. Photo: MEHR

Four Thondor class Fast Attack Crafts, each equipped with four C-802 medium range anti-ship missiles, also participated in the exercise. Photo: MEHR

Photo: MEHR