RADA Unveils “Sentinel” Radar for Active Protection Systems


RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. will be showing at Eurosatory 2010 a new radar sensor designed specifically for Active Protection Systems (APS). The Sentinel (RPS-10) is the first entry of RADA into the land systems’ field. The development of the radar was accelerated to meet the tight development schedule of the IMI Iron Fist system, destined for the Israeli Namer Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The new radar was successfuly tested as part of the system-wide demonstration conducted by IMI for potential customers.

Sentinel is a compact and lightweight, yet armored, pulse-Doppler radar that operates in the “S” band, detecting and tracking incoming threats (missiles, rockets, projectiles). The static radar “stares” over a sector of 210 degrees, enabling two identical and interchangeable units to cover a complete sphere around the protected vehicle. This digital radar is easily programmable and configurable, interfacing with its peripherals via standard Ethernet links. According to the company, the new radar technology is applicable to a wide variety of force protection systems and solutions, whether stationary or mobile, for Defense and Homeland Security applications.

The first application of RADA’s radar technology is the Sentinel Radar for Active Protection Systems for AFVs, which was developed in a record time and has already demonstrated excellent performance through rugged, live fire field tests conducted by Israel Military Industries (IMI)”, said Alon. Following extensive evaluation of several radars, IMI has selected Sentinel to be the primary sensor for their Iron Fist second-generation Active Protection System (APS).