TacMax – WiMAX Based Broadband Tactical Network


Rafael is unveiling the new TacMAX family of broadband, wireless networking systems at Eursatory 2010. TacMax utilizes the latest commercial off the shelf (COTS) 4G WiMAX technology, redesigned and packaged for military use, supporting mesh capabilities, advanced security and electronic-defense (ECCM) capabilities. The system is designed for rapid deployment and agility, using mobile station subscribers mounted on military vehicles, portable, fixed or deployable sites.

the TACMAX user radio
a base station operating the rapid deployable WiMAX network in the field. Photos: Rafael

The system comprises base stations, relay stations, mobile stations or ship borne units. TacMax can support high data transfer rate of up to 45 Mbps per sector, delivering high quality broadband video, data and voice services on-the-move. The end units are designed for military standards, capable of integration in tactical, armored vehicles.

Rafael is designing the system to be rapidly deployable, supporting division and brigade level communications with broadband data networking, as well as providing broadband connectivity for coastal and border security networks. The system can also be used to enhance current mobile subscriber requiring ultra-high data rates.

The system was displayed earlier this year in India and created significant interest.