“Fighting in Urban Terrain” the Theme for Latrun 2010 Conference


Latrun 2010

News from Latrun: IAI’s Panther UAV, Photo report: Day 1Day 2

The upcoming Latrun 2010 Conference will focus on ‘Fighting in Urban Terrain’ jointly conducted by the IDF Ground Forces Command and the Institute for Land Warfare studies. The three-day event will also include a ‘Technology Day’ focused on Force Protection, sponsored by SIBAT, Israel’s Ministry of Defense Export authority. (Register here to visit the technology day)

Exhibiting companies include:

Defense Update has been covering the Latrun Conference in the past two years and has been selected to become the first Media Sponsor of the Latrun 2010 conference and Exhibition. (see past coverage:  Israel Unveils New Precision Weapon Systems for the Ground Forces,  Israel is Seeking to Achieve ‘Land Dominance’ in the Battlefield).

The first industry day held at the 2009 Latrun conference provided defense professionals from foreign and the Israeli military to explore first hand the latest and unique defense systems being developed by Israel's defense industries. The 2010 event will quadruple the number of exhibitors and demonstrators, promising an exciting experience for visitors. Photos: ILWS.

‘Urban Warfare’, as the main theme of the two-day conference, will be addressed by Israeli and foreign speakers, discussing operations in Grozny (Chechnya 1995), Tyre and Beirut (Lebanon 1982), Baghdad and Fallujah (Iraq 2004), East Timor and Gaza (Gaza strip, Operation ‘Cast Lead’ 2009). The conference will also discuss the international law of war and ethical responsibilities of the warfighter in urban terrain.
Discussions will cover planning and execution of tactical operations, employment of firepower in support of urban operations, development of intelligence plans and tactical aids, and the challenges of logistics support in urban terrain. It will also discuss the illusive nature of this type of combat, whether irregular, urban guerillas immersed in the civilian environment, or the changing roll of military forces, from combat to civilian population control.

The Latrun conference and exhibition has attracted foreign delegations from a number of countries including North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Photo: ILWS

Presenters at the Force Protection technology day will include Lt. General (U.S. Army Ret.) Thomas F. Metz, former director of the U.S. Joint IED Defeat Organization. The head of the IDF Merkava IV production Program will also discuss the evolution and development of the protection system for Israel’s Merkava tank.

The event will coincide with a dynamic and static display (indoor and outdoor) of Israeli indigenous defense technologies, including weapon systems, unmanned systems, armored vehicles, defense electronics and electro-optics.

Senior leaders planned to address the conference include the IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi and Minister of Defense Lt. Gen (ret) Ehud Barak.

The Technology Day is open for professional visitors from the military, industry and civilian sector by invitation only. Foreign visitors and delegations are welcome. Access is free of charge but requires prior registration. Click here for the full conference agenda . Attendees are offered a special package at a five star hotel in Tel Aviv, and transportation to and from the conference site.

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