Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC)

The Marine Corps MPC demonstrator
The Marine Corps MPC demonstrator

The MPC is a new capability that will be a multi-wheeled, armored personnel carrier designed to operate across the range of military operations but focused on an irregular warfare operating environment characterized by operations in constrained and urban terrain. Required to carry 8-9 combat loaded marines and 2-man crew, the MPC will enable high-speed land maneuver as well as substantial ballistic protection to embarked marines.

Originally, the Marine Corps envisaged the MPC to provide ‘landward lift’ to the infantry battalions, with two vehicles lifting a reinforced squad.However, with the cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) and possible cancellation of the Joint Light Tactical vehicle (JLTV) the corps re-assessed the roles of the MPC, adding amphibious capability to its requirements. This has eliminated most of the competitors that have not prepared for such capability but improved the prospects of companies like Iveco, with its SuperAV 8×8 variant, designed for amphibious operations from the beginning. Iveco is now teamed with BAE Systems for the MPC program. Lockheed Martin has teamed with Patria to offer an amphibious variant of the AMV for the MPC program. Patria has been offering the amphibious capability with the AMV as an option, but sofar it was not designed to operate at sea and high surf zone. The vehicle has already demonstrated more advanced amphibious capability to Marine Corps officials in amphibious tests in Finland.

MPC Demonstrator. Note th eV-shaped hull. Photo via: Wikipedia