Oshkosh Customizes the HMMWV for Rough Rides


Oshkosh Defense is offering to upgrade the Marine Corps HMMWVs, enhancing its off-road mobility, maneuverability, and speed, while retaining, and even improving its ballistic protection and introducing V-shaped under armor for additional blast protection. The key for this miracle is the TAK-4 independent suspension system, customizing the tactical utility HMMWV into a customized off-road vehicle. Oshkosh is presenting the customized HMMWV at the Modern Marine expo in Quantico, VA.

TAK-4 independent suspension installed on a HMMWV.
Oshkosh is offering to enhance the HMMWVs used by the U.S. Marine Corps, extending their off-road performance, speed and payload capacity, retaining their original mission capabilities with the additional armor added through the years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Photo: Oshkosh Defense.

Current U.S. Marine Corps operational protection requirements call for add-on armor to improve the vehicle’s survivability (i.e., the Up-armored HMMWV, M1151A1 with B1 armor kit). With this up-armoring, the vehicle weighs in more than 1.5 tons above its originally designed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and experiences performance, ride quality and mobility degradations. “Oshkosh offers a new way forward for the Marine Corps’ light vehicle fleet, and does so using its proprietary TAK-4 suspension, which has been proven in theater on multiple vehicle classes,” Said John Bryant, Oshkosh Defense vice president and general manager, Marine Corps Programs. “The HMMWV with the TAK-4 system improves vehicle ride height and performance, ride quality and restores the original vehicle payload capability – allowing for additional under-vehicle armor protection for improved survivability.”

The new suspension offers the vehicle a 70 percent off-road profile capability. The new suspension restores a 2,500-pound vehicle payload capacity in addition to the armor and occupants. Introducing 14 inches of independent wheel travel, the HMMWV can overcome obstacles and navigate rugged, mountainous environments. The vehicle’s performance is also improved in 40 percent increase in the maximum speed and a 46 percent improvement in braking. With ground clearance increases to 17 inches, and additional payload capacity, an under-vehicle V-shaped panel can be added, to further improve survivability from mine blasts and IEDs. The higher ground clearance further improves mobility and occupant visibility.

“We continue to see vehicles equipped with the TAK-4 thrive in places like Afghanistan – where unimproved roads and rocky, rugged terrain make up the battlefields.” Bryant added. The TAK-4 independent suspension system has already been used on more than 10,000 Oshkosh Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacements (MTVR) operated by the Marine Corps and Navy Seabees. It is also used on Oshkosh MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV).