Elbit Systems to Upgrade Asian Tanks with BMS, Optronics


Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that it was awarded an approximately $56 million tank upgrade contract from a customer in Asia. The tank upgrade project will span over 24 months and include the installation of battle management systems (BMS), and optronic observation and surveillance systems. The current program is a follow-on upgrade Elbit Systems is conducting with this specific customer (the identity of the customer was not released).

Elbit Systems has developed a number of battle management systems designed for armored combat vehicles. This system employs the TORCH system employed by the IDF as part of the Digital Army Program (Zayad). Photo: Elbit Systems
Due to political implications and U.S. technology transfer limitations, Israeli companies are restricted in offering defense systems to a number of Asian countries. Among these, Azerbaijan, India, Singapore and Thailand fit the vague description provided by the company.

It was reported in the Indian media that the Indian state owned DRDO is cooperating with Elbit Systems in the development of Battlefield Management System for the Indian indigenous Arjun tank. BMS integration could follow as part of the continuous Indian upgrades of the T-72M tanks and, and, possibly with the T-90S.  Such BMS allows the tank to network with other fighting units, enabling several tanks to network with other each other, to effectively engage multiple targets. On the other hand, Azerbaijan has recently received 62 T-72 tanks from Russian military surplus. Azeri T-72s have already been updated with new fire control and remotely controlled weapon station.