ManTech to Operate Expeditionary Surveillance Sensors Supporting the U.S. Army in Iraq



As combat U.S. forces in Iraq convert from combat to ‘advice and assist‘ missions, some missions formerly carried out by the military are handed over to civil contractors. A key force protection security mission handed over recently is the operation of perimeter and remote sensors employed around forward operating bases in Iraq. These Base Expeditionary Target Surveillance Systems-Combined (BETSS-C) will now be operated by civil contractors, under a $70 million contract awarded to ManTech through U.S. Army’s Project Manager Night Vision/Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (PM NV/RSTA). The recently announced contract covers the next 12 months, at a total amount of US$70 million.


BETSS-C enhances perimeter surveillance, battle command and force protection at joint security stations, forward-operating bases and combat outposts throughout Iraq. The system provides commanders with a digital map display of video, images and other information from ground sensors, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, mid- and long-range electro-optical/infrared sensors and radar mounted on towers, aerostats and other unmanned airborne vehicles.

“ManTech’s superior communications and electronics expertise, coupled with our extensive in-theater operations support experience will be a valuable asset to the BETSS-C program,” said Louis M. Addeo, president and chief operating officer of ManTech’s Technical Services Group. “We are proud to continue our support of the U.S. and coalition mission in Iraq.”

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