AEROMAOZ Ltd., established in 1980 is a designer and manufacturer of illuminated display and control systems. The company has provided display panels for USAF, US Navy, Israel Aircraft Industries, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, KAI and Elbit Systems, for military and commercial applications.

AeroMaoz aerospace products range from simple bezel, a NVIS post light, a multi-functional display (MFD) bezel, to full night-vision cockpit conversions. For aircraft and helicopter applications the company has supplied Multi-Function Display Panels and Keyboards, Exterior Lighting, Joystick Applications, Night Vision Upgrades for F-18; F-16; F-15; C-130; F-5; MiG 21/23; Kfir; Sukhoi SU-25; A-4; A-6E; A-10; KT-1 Trainer, Super Puma; Sikorsky CH-53; MI 8/17; MI 24/35; Sea King; Bell Jet Ranger; Bell 212; Apache; Cobra.

Typical land systems applications include panels for the MLRS and its associated loader system, panels for the Merkava tanks, communications vehicles, armored personnel carriers, ground control units for unmanned aerial systems, and deck lighting systems.