Easy Rescue


Easy Rescue develops and markets the BUDDY system, a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to traditional stretcher and gurneys systems used for casualty evacuation.

Made of durable lightweight fabric and sturdy plastic, the BUDDY was created by individuals with extensive experience in the civilian and military medical field. Folded and packed into the medical / evacuation kit, BUDDY is prepared for action in seconds, ready for immediate evacuation of injured or disabled personnel. Unlike the four-persons required to carry a single wounded person on a stretcher, BUDDY facilitates efficient and rapid transport with only two-persons. It allows hands-free evacuation, maintaining the evacuators’ capability to use of their hands for climbing, balancing or carrying and using weapons.

The BUDDY can be used in difficult to reach terrain like ravines, cliffs, or otherwise difficult terrain, It is suitable for evacuation of many types of injuries not requiring a stretcher.