McMillan offers tactical sniper rifles and accessories. The company’s TAC-50 offers high power and precision, resulting in effective shooting at extreme ranges. Developed as an anti-personnel weapon, TAC-50 also packs enough power for use in the traditional role as an anti-materiel firearm. McMillan’s TAC-50 rifle is also credited with the longest confirmed successful engagement on record. A Canadian Army sniper executed a confirmed 2,430 meter (2,657 yards) shot in Afghanistan setting a world record for the longest successful tactical
shot in combat.
The TAC-308 is designed for urban tactical scenarios where accuracy andreliability are critical.”McMillan’s TAC-50 is the preferred issue 50 caliber for many government and lawenforcement agencies, including international agencies, as a Long Range Sniper Rifle.
According to McMillan, TAC-50 has become the preferred issue 50 caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle for many government and law enforcement agencies, including international agencies.