STI offers turnkey solutions and systems for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement applications. At ISDEF the company is introducing the TI-S under vehicle inspection system and SN Series  explosive detection systems.

The TI-S advanced Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) was designed to effectively inspect vehicle chassis – by far the most vulnerable and under inspected part of vehicles. Objects may vary from explosives, drugs, merchandise and even in some cases the smuggling of human beings across borders or out of prison compounds. TI-S Series UVIS offers versatile viewing angles, allowing inspectors to inspect and verify the suspected threat before actually having to physically reach the subject. This feature is highly important for bomb squad technicians, being able to examine the object from a distance before having to physically deal with it. TI-S utilizes a 4 axis optical head unit enabling inspectors to view areas above strut bars, and other vehicle components, using regular or magnified views. The system can operate automatically or manually, with high resolution cameras providing live color video transmitted to operators over a distance up to 1,500 meters away.

The SN Series explosive detectors are designed to detect standard commercial and military explosives as well as improvised explosives, without false alarms on common non explosive substances using vapor and vapor traces. These detectors utilize STI’s proprietary gas chromatograph technology process. This efficient process provides immediate analysis of the materials. It is specifically designed for stressful field use in bomb sites, enabling investigators to run multiple sequenced samples with practically no waiting time, allowing massive throughput needed in most security applications. The system is designed for fast recovery even after detection of explosives, allowing the user to continue using the system even after contamination.