DARPA to Test new Lightweight Armor Solutions from Kairos


Kairos Partners, Inc announced today it was selected by DARPA to participate in the “Armor Challenge for Vehicles” with its new lightweight vehicle armor. The solution proposed by Kairos uses cutting edge technologies which combine metal matrix composites (MMCs) and three-dimensionally woven fiber composites into a uniquely effective passive armor solution that can be produced in any shape or thickness. The new lightweight material can be produced in high volume production, offering cost effective protection for current vehicles, as well as for future land, air, sea, and space platforms.

A ‘breeding ground’ supporting development and testing of innovative vehicle armor solutions, ‘DARPA Armor Challenge’ is identifying promising new armor concepts for military vehicles. Among the goals of Armor Challenge DARPA is seeking to identify advanced, lighter and cheaper vehicle armor, capable of defeating certain armor piercing rounds and fragment projectiles. The Vehicle Armor Challenge is primarily designed for inventors and small organizations that have limited resources to initiate full-scale armor development programs. “DARPA has given us a chance to prove our technology, and truly presents us with opportunity.” said Don Akers, President and CEO of Kairos Partners.